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Types of Rheem Hot Water Heaters

Purchasing a water heater is something most people do not do very often. Because shopping for a water heater requires consideration of many factors, it can feel overwhelming. While the easiest solution is usually to replace like kind for like kind, it has likely been many years since your current water heater was installed and Rheem has made many advancements in water heating performance and efficiency over the years. Rheem water heaters are known to be one of the most innovative tech in the field of hot water heaters. This products are known for inginuity and excellence. Customers have rated Rheem hot water products as reliable, efficient and effective. The brand offers products which can be used for different type of fuel sources such as natural gas, electricity, liquid propane, solar energy and much more. In addition to that, they produce tankless water heaters, storage tank, solar water heaters, hybrid and more.

Consider available water heater types from rheem
Most homes currently have a traditional tank-type water heater installed. Today's marketplace has changed offering more efficient ways to heat water for your home. This is a great time to consider an alternative to a traditional tank-type water heater.
Tankless - Rheem tankless water heaters heat water only when it is needed, so you can enjoy a continuous supply of hot water. These products are available for natural gas and propane gas fuel sources.
High Efficiency Tank-Type (Including the Hybrid Electric Water Heater) - High efficiency tank-type water heaters are more efficient at heating water and keeping it hot. This means a lower annual operating cost and more available hot water. These products are available for natural, propane gas and electric fuel sources.
Traditional Tank-Type - Rheem has a long history or providing traditional tank-type water heaters as a reliable water heating solution. While the needle has moved, these units are still tried and true making them great for those on a budget. These products are available for natural, propane gas and electric fuel sources.
Solar - Rheem provides solar water heating solutions for those looking to harness the sun's energy to heat water. Using the sun to heat your water works very well in certain areas of the country and can save a lot of money in the long run. These products are available for natural gas and electric fuel sources.
Point-Of-Use - Rheem offers point-of-use water heaters that are space-saving and designed for installation under sinks, in home additions, detached structures and more. They deliver hot water almost instantaneously, so you don't have to wait. These products are available for electric fuel sources only.