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Most Popular Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem water heaters company carries a variety of models and types for almost any home size. You can find a wide selection of gas-powered models, electric and solar, heat pumps, storage tank and tankless type. Only a few of the tank-type models are high efficiency while all of the tankless water heaters have an energy factor of 0.82 or higher for the Energy Star approval. Below is a list of popular product lines by Rheem and a short description of each product line.

Rheem gas water heaters
Rheem gas water heaters provide hot water either from the storage tank or by using the tankless technology, and are powered by the natural or propane gas. Gas group of heaters consists of the three main groups; the Professional line, Performance line (available in US only) and the Specialty line. The Professional line is made of the high efficient tankless gas water heaters and the condensing tank type unit; the Performance line covers only the water heaters with the storage water tank, but includes all the venting options, while the Specialty line is made of the tankless and condensing tank-type unit, as the Professional group. The Rheem manufacturer offers gas water heaters for almost any house size and ones needs. This includes units with the low NOx emission, high demand, high recovery, Energy Star approved and so on.

Rheem electric water heaters
Rheem electric water heaters are found in the three main groups: the Professional, Performance that is available in US only and Specialty line. The smallest units, such as those with the storage tank of 2.5 gallons are known as the point-of-use models, while the whole-house units as its name indicates, can provide large amounts of hot water. Rheem is well-known for the design of quality Marathon water heaters that come with the lifetime warranty, and its high efficient heat pumps that come with the energy factor of 2.45. As the gas line of heaters, Rheem electric also provides hot water on demand, thanks to the RTE and EcoSense series of electric tankless water heaters.

Rheem water heaters with the tankless technology are designed as the gas or electric-powered models for point-of-use or whole-house water heating. Rheem gas tankless models are found as the Prestige condensing models and Mid-efficiency non-condensing models. Both groups offer models that are designed for indoor or outdoor installation, using natural and propane gas. All models are high efficiency where the energy factor is 0.82 and higher and on demand water flow rate between 5.3 to high 9.5 GPM. The electric tankless units are coming from the RTE and EcoSense series and its main characteristics are the compact size, on demand water heating and easy installation under the kitchen or bathroom sink or on the wall.

Rheem solar water heaters
Rheem water heaters using solar energy are ideal for those homeowners who like to use the free and green technology utilizing the sun's free energy for the great efficiency and low energy costs. Rheem solar water heating systems are designed as the SolPak active systems with the solar panels and Solaraide passive system, all using the popular Rheem water storage tanks with the electric backup system or gas assist heat exchange tanks.